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Keyword Research That Shapes Your Content & SEO Campaign

The foundation for professional SEO is the initial keyword research upon which your web site content, web site navigation and link bait is built. Just because you know what words you would use to search for your topic doesn't mean you know what words everyone else is using.

While a free keyword tool might show you the most popular keyword for your topic, not everyone can rank highly for that one or two word phrase! It's like everyone 'going for the blonde' in Game Theory. So you need to find an SEO who will conduct keyword research balancing your topical strengths and link opportunities with your competitions existing rankings.

News Articles is yet to find an SEO service agency they can whole-heartedly recommend for this delicate yet intrinsic part of the SEO consultation process.

The Best SEO Content Management System (CMS)

Professional SEO content starts with a stand-out Content Management System (CMS). Don't get caught using a nifty free-of-charge CMS that destroys your chances of appearing in search engine results.

The most common mistakes of free CMS (end even expensive ones!) include:

However SEO CMS don't have to be expensive. For example, SEOtoaster is an incredibly well-built CMS specifically for SEO, and it's free.

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SEOtoaster feedback
- SEOtoaster is an excellent CMS, however using their hosting means you get a Houston Texas server and IP address... So use your own local hosting if you operate in another country. - Trev, Oct 4th 2010

Feel free to contact us with your feedback on your experiences with SEOtoaster and we will post helpful comments here.

More information on the best professional SEO services in Australia will be released shortly.

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